Centred on People,
Passionate about Tech.

4i is a mobile-first, full service solutions company. We build world-class mobile apps for brands, and partner with startups looking for a technical product development team.


4i started out with 4 developers, a MacBook and a dream of building tech solutions that change lives for the better. Over the years we have crafted a culture that challenges the status quo.

The limitless possibilities of the human mind

4i started out with 4 developers, a MacBook and a dream of changing lives for the better. Over time we've carved out a culture that challenges the status quo while harnessing the art of problem solving, enabling us to deliver unparalleled value to clients.

Where cohesion & collective creativity meet

By making people our focus, we have attracted some of the most talented individuals in the industry. We work closely together, sharing ideas and collaborating between teams to execute the best solution for each client.

Solutions that deliver beyond the brief

Our 40-strong team is dedicated to seeing every client succeed. We journey with each one, launching lean and fast, and iterating over time to remain relevant and responsive.

The proof is in the product

Our successful recipe for agile development enables us to consistently deliver projects on time, and within budget.

To date we have produced a broad range of award-winning mobile products for companies across South Africa, Sweden and the US.

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What our clients have to say

“Without a doubt, working with the 4i team was one of the best decisions we made as a startup. They matched our energy and passion to see our mobile app concept become reality.

Now, we are working on building on that great foundation on further iterations and we continue to enjoy a happy relationship with them. Along this journey, we felt their team was our team and our success was their success.”
- Janelle Schroy, Co-Founder of Adventure Clubs
We didn’t quite have the right partner until we met 4i, to make sure we could deliver coupon savings exactly the way customers would use them.

From a UX (User Experience) perspective, and from a design perspective, 4i helped us to take something that was just a good idea on paper, and execute it really well for our customers.
- Neil Schreuder, Group Marketing Director, Shoprite Checkers
The biggest challenge in the advertising & creative industry is finding a partner who can execute seemingly impossible ideas. 4i was able to work with us to make the Love the Journey Love the Craft campaign a multi-platform masterpiece (under serious time constraints!). Together with 4i, we were able to fulfil our omni-channel approach, and in the process we achieved tremendous campaign and sales success.
- Henniel Smit, MD of Limbik

Clients that have trusted us

Stories from the journey

Our rebrand release - A New Eye for 4i

09 May 2017
5 min read

4i Mobile has undergone a rebranding process, unveiling their refreshed brand and approach in May 2017. Aligning their new vision and expanded capabilities as a development studio with a new logo, website and growth strategy, 4i is looking ahead as a mobile-first, full-service development collaborative.