Media24 3D

An augmented reality app that brings magazine pages to life.

The Brief

Media24 needed a solution that would open up digital advertising possibilities

Media24 were looking for an advertising solution that would enable the advertisers in their print publications to run rich media digital campaigns. When it comes to media, a big consideration for brands lies in harnessing the power of mobile. People are often accompanied by their mobile phone while consuming other media such as

reading or watching television. Media24 approached us for a mobile solution that would extend their advertising possibilities to a digital environment while influencing behaviour among the readers of their Huisgenoot, You and Drum magazines.


How We Solved It

The popular 3D models helped to get users comfortable with using the technology

We designed and developed a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms that allows Media24 to embed augmented reality (AR) capabilities in their editorials, while enabling advertisers to extend their print campaigns to a digital environment. The key component in this project was the use of AR technology that brings 3D models to life on the educational spread featured in the weekly editions of Huisgenoot, You and Drum. The topics ranged from dinosaurs to the way heart pumps blood around the body, or how

bees collect pollen from flowers, as well as a host of other topics. Readers simply look for the 3D logos on the educational spread, launch the app and hold the screen over the magazine page to activate the 3D models and see the images "come to life". The 3D models became extremely popular among readers, which served as a powerful opportunity for advertisers to extend their reach to a captivated base that was already comfortable and familiar with the technology.

Core Features

Open the app, and hover your phone over the page

Watch the 3D images come to life!

View and enjoy exclusive content


The success of the app shown by the downloads has generated a new revenue stream for Media24, with a host of brands committing to augmented reality campaigns.